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Just like the other areas of law that he practices, Moorestown assault and battery attorney John Mattiacci has handled several assault and battery cases in NJ and PA on behalf of injured victims. John recently represented a client who was physically assaulted by security at a music concert in Philadelphia. The client was thrown the ground by security and had his nose broken. Suit was brought against the security company, whose guard contended that the concert guest fell down steps and was injured. A thorough and aggressive investigation of the case, including locating concert attendees through online forum posts, tracking down videos taken by fans at the concert, and a thorough understanding of the law, helped us to win the case for the client and to hold the security guard responsible for using unreasonable force.

What Is An Assault?

In Pennsylvania an assault occurs where: (1) a person, without privilege, intends to cause harmful or offensive bodily contact or to put another in reasonable and immediate apprehension of harmful or offensive contact; and (2) the action of the person causes such an apprehension.

It is important to note that an assault does not necessarily require actual physical harm. As long as a person intends to cause someone else to fear he or she will be harmed or hit and the victim feels afraid, an assault has occurred. However, words alone may not be sufficient to constitute an assault. The Courts have held that a person that is threatening harm must be in a position or take some action to carry out the threat against the victim. A distinguished assault and battery lawyer, John Mattiacci helps victims gain justice for their case.

What Is A Battery?

A battery is defined as a harmful or offensive contact with another person. This includes straightforward examples such as punching another person in the face. Other types of harmful or offensive contacting, such as spitting on someone, have been considered a battery. The key factor is that contact actually takes place.

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