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Every American is guaranteed certain rights under the Constitution of the United States and the laws of this country. When a person’s rights have been violated by a person acting under color of state law, that person may have a claim for a civil rights violation.

John Mattiacci has successfully handled civil rights violations and cases involving a victim’s deprivation of his or her Constitutional rights. In one case, John served as co-counsel for a young man who had his jaw broken by a police officer. The young man was a bystander at a parade in Philadelphia and the police officer used excessive force during crowd control. The young man’s jaw was shattered by a police baton. At no point was the young man accused of any crime or wrongdoing. Regardless, the excessive force used against him by the officer caused him to suffer a horrific injury.

An experienced civil rights violations attorney, John brought suit against the City of Philadelphia and its employees for violations of the young man’s constitutional rights. John alleged that the City and its employees had violated the young man’s rights pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983. This federal statute allows a person whose constitutional rights have been violated to bring a claim against a person who, under color of law, deprives a person of rights secured by the Constitutional and state and federal laws. The case resolved in favor of the injured young man prior to trial in federal court.

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