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John Mattiacci has years of experience handling cases in many areas of law, but especially involving bus accident cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This experience includes lawsuits brought against Septa (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) in and around Philadelphia for Septa & Septa trolley accidents.

There a number of different types of accidents that can involve buses. These include collisions with other vehicles, jerk and jolt accidents (in which passengers are thrown the ground because of an unexpected movement of the bus), and pedestrian accidents. The Mattiacci Law Firm has handled each type of bus accident case and is familiar with litigating cases against Septa and other commercial bus companies.

Septa and other transportation companies are often referred to as a common carriers.

What Is A Common Carrier?

A common carrier is a company that holds itself open to the public and charges to transport people or goods. Under the law, a common carrier is required to use a higher degree of care for the safety of its passengers than that ordinarily imposed on others. The carrier must exercise the highest standard of care that is reasonably practicable to protect its passengers.

Unfortunately, Septa and other transportation companies sometimes breach this duty of care. The duty to exercise this highest duty of care can be breached by colliding with another vehicle, striking a curb, unexpectedly moving the bus (commonly called a jerk and jolt), and not waiting until all passengers are safely off the bus before closing the doors and driving off.

As a Philadelphia bus accident lawyer, John Mattiacci handled one egregious case in which a Septa bus driver closed the doors to the bus while a passenger was still getting off of the rear stairs. The bus doors closed on the passenger and the bus started to move. The passenger was dragged by the Septa bus and suffered injuries. The bus did not stop until other pedestrians frantically flagged the bus driver down to make him stop the bus.

Jerk and Jolt Accidents

Serious injuries can occur to passengers on vehicles such as buses and trolleys when the vehicle comes to an abrupt or sudden stop. These types of accidents are frequently referred to as “jerk and jolt” cases and often do not involve a collision with another vehicle. In order to be compensated under Pennsylvania law a person may need to go beyond proving that he or she fell because a moving bus or trolley car suddenly stopped. Additional evidence may be needed to show that the movement of the bus was so unusual and extraordinary that it was beyond the passenger’s reasonable anticipation.

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